100 Piece Set





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The 100 Piece Set was a set formerly available.



  • The original 1993 version of the set came with four Special Engine Sheds and two Troublesome Trucks.
  • In 1994, two Special Engine Sheds were removed while a Troublesome Truck was added. This was the first set to have included 2 Troublesome Trucks.
  • The original 1993 version of the set had Brio-like track, which was the precursor to the popular Clickity-Clack Track.
  • The 100 Piece Set was later developed into the 100 Piece Thomas and the Magic Railroad Set. However, there were a few differences.
  • The 1994 version was sold separately between the table, the playmat, and the set itself.
  • If you signed and sent your warranty card that came with any item you bought while this set was still in stock, you would be put in a quarterly drawing to win this set for free.
  • This is now considered rare.


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