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2014 was the 22nd year of the Thomas Wooden Railway. A dedicated website and product catalog launched this year with exclusive products.

Available Products



Rolling Stock

Multi-Car Packs

Non-Rail Vehicles


Talking Engines

Roll and Whistle Engines

Buildings and Destinations

Bridges and Tunnels


Creative Junction

Sodor Story Collection

Book Packs


Track Packs

  • Straight and Curved Expansion Pack
  • Deluxe Figure 8 Expansion Track Pack
  • Figure 8 Set Expansion Pack
  • Adaptor Track Pack
  • Curved Track Pack
  • Switch Track Pack
  • Ascending Track and Riser Pack


All individual track pieces are online exclusives

  • 2" Straight Male to Female (new)
  • 2" Straight Female to Female (new)
  • 2" Straight Male to Male (new)
  • 3" Straight Male to Female (new)
  • 4" Straight Male to Female (new)
  • 6" Straight Male to Female (new)
  • 8" Straight Male to Female (new)
  • 3.5" Curved Male to Female (new)
  • 6.5" Curved Male to Female (new)
  • Curved Switch Track 3.5" Male to Female/Female (new)
  • Curved Switch Track 3.5" Female to Male/Male (new)
  • Curved Switch Track 6.5" Female to Male/Male (new)
  • Curved Switch Track 6.5" Male to Female/Female (new)
  • Y-Track 3.5" Male to Female/Female (new)
  • Y-Track 3.5" Female to Male/Male (new)
  • Ascending 8.0" Male to Female (new)
  • X-Track 6.0" Female/Female/Male/Male (new)
  • Track Riser (new)
  • Buffer Female (new)
  • Buffer Male (new)

Play Accessories

  • Island of Sodor Playtable
  • Island of Sodor Playboard
  • Island of Sodor Felt Playmat
  • 2-in-1 Playboard
  • Three-Bin Storage Engine (new; online exclusive)

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