Barrel Loader
2014 Barrel Loader



  • 2007 (Individually)
  • Active

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The Barrel Loader is a destination that has the ability to deposit barrels in a waiting car by pushing down on a lever. When sold individually, it included a blue Barrel Car, three barrels, and an eight-inch piece of straight track.



  • The original model is one of the few destinations that is entirely comprised of wood, with no plastic elements.
  • The Barrel Loader has been one of the longest running and most popular Wooden Railway items produced.
  • The Barrel Loader of the Man in the Hills Set and Percy's Fuel Delivery Figure 8 Set (which uses different lithographs) is noticeably smaller.
  • On the back of the 2000-2001 box, the third barrel should say OIL, but it appears that there isn't any writing on it.


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