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Ben is a tank engine who works with his twin, Bill, in the clay pits near Brendam.


  • Learning Curve
    • 1992-1993 pre-production models: (all versions had flat magnets, staples, and undated wheels)
      • (black wheels, nameplates and lining sticker details, flat topped funnel)
      • (black wheels, painted on nameplates and lining, flat topped funnel)
      • (black wheels, painted on nameplates and lining, beveled funnel)
    • 1994-1995
      • (larger black arch, no staples, flat magnets, undated wheels)
      • (larger black arch, no staples, round magnets, 1994 wheels, larger black arch)
    • 1996 (smaller magnets this year only, rounded funnel, 1996 wheels)
    • 1997 (thicker 1997 wheels)
    • 1998 (1998 wheels)
    • 1999 (1999 wheels)
    • 2000 (2000 wheels)
    • 2001 (2001 wheels)
    • 2002
      • (back ledge, 2002 wheels)
      • (back ledge removed, 2002 wheels)
    • 2003-2004 (2003 wheels)
    • 2005-2009 (updated face and new details, sold with Ben, 2003 wheels)
  • Fisher-Price
    • 2014-present (CGI style faces, updated details, painted dark blue with red wheels, curved edges, longer magnet guards, sold with Bill, 2012 wheels)

Special Models


  • The 1992 prototype Ben used James' face.
  • Interestingly, Some of Ben's earlier 2002 models had the ledge on the back, unlike most other 2002 models. He shares this trait with Bill and Duke.
  • Ben's 1992-2004 models were identical to Bill's 1992-2004 models, apart from their nameplates depicting their respective names, and Ben's pupils looking towards his right. Bill's pupils look towards his left. Curiously Ben's prototype's pupils looked towards his left, while Bill's prototype's pupils looked towards his right.


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