Bertie is a friendly red bus. Since 2018, he includes a driver figure. 


  • 1994 (Passenger silhouettes, nails as headlamps, wooden base)
  • 2002 (Updated face with eyebrows, no passengers, rear magnet, more windows, added details, No back ledge)
  • 2013 (CG style face, no driver, plastic base, curved edges)
  • 2018 (Less paint, open middle section for figure)



  • The original Bertie used nails as headlamps, and was the only other vehicle besides Sir Topham Hatt's Car to have this feature.
  • Bertie is the only road vehicle to have a battery-operated variation.
  • Bertie's 1994 prototype had black stickers for windows.
  • Bertie's 2002 prototype had no rear magnet.
  • Bertie's 2013 prototype depicted him in the correct shade of red paint. Another prototype gave him red hubcaps instead of all-black wheels.
  • A prototype 2018 Bertie depicts him with red wheels and black tires.


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