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BoCo is a wise and friendly diesel engine.


  • Learning Curve
    • 1992-1993 pre-production models: (Grey roof, no indents, flat magnets)
    • 1994-1995
      • (flat magnets, undated wheels)
      • (round magnets, 1994 wheels)
    • 1996 (smaller magnets this year only, 1996 wheels)
    • 1997 (thicker 1997 wheels, discontinued this year)
    • 1999 (James Goes Buzz Buzz set, 1999 wheels, reintroduced this year)
    • 2000 (James Goes Buzz Buzz set, 2000 wheels)
    • 2001 (James Goes Buzz Buzz set, 2001 wheels, discontinued this year)
    • 2003-2005 (2003 wheels, discontinued 2005)


  • His packaging sometimes mislabels him as Boco.
  • BoCo's 2003 reintroduction description stated he was "back by popular demand".
  • The 2003 edition's Character Card featured the 1994 model instead of the current one.
  • The 2003 BoCo was not listed in the Yearbook, but was listed in the pamphlet instead.
  • Although BoCo was reintroduced in 2003, some of his earlier reintroduction models had 2002 on their wheels.
  • The first 1992 Prototype used Daisy's body.


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