Bulstrode the Barge
2018 Bulstrode





Bulstrode is a disagreeable old barge with a bad attitude on the Island of Sodor. Percy was once pushing some trucks full of stone, but the trucks crashed through a set of buffers, landing in Bulstrode. After the accident, he was moved to a beach and was used as a playground for children to climb on.


  • 2002
  • 2013 (plastic hull, larger printed face, white cab, no anchor)
  • 2018 (longer hull with no red stripe, thinner and taller cab, smaller molded face, room for four cargo pieces)(included with Cranky)
  • 2019 (details printed onto painted wood)


Bulstrode has been included in the following items:


  • Bulstrode has never been sold individually.
  • Bulstrode's prototype shows him with a larger face.
  • Bulstrode's 2013 model has a white livery instead of the original cream, as well as a larger cab and a printed CGI face. It is also smaller in size compared to his previous models and is made almost entirely of plastic, the exception being the cabin.
  • Bulstrode's 2018 model has a far wider, longer, and flatter hull, as well as a much thinner cab compared to his 2013 model.
  • Bulstrode's 2018 model is the first model of Bulstrode to be able to hold two cargo pieces side-by-side