Cargo Car
Red Cargo Car



  • 2002 (separate)
  • Active

Item Number:

LC99095 (1999-2002)

The Cargo Car is a very common piece of rolling stock that has been available in both the Thomas Wooden Railway and Thomas Wood toy lines for a number of years. It is used to carry rectangular pieces of magnetic cargo. The Cargo Car has come in a variety of colors over the years; including red, orange, green, pale blue, blue, white, and bronze.


  • 1997 (introduced)
  • 2018 (no paint on chassis)



  • The Cargo Car was by far the most common piece of rolling stock in the Thomas Wooden Railway line, being sold in more sets and value packs than any other item.
  • There is a version of the Cargo Car with a completely different, solid, more detailed plastic body that was less common than the standard variant.

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