Character Cards were additional little tokens included with most characters. These cards had some background information on the character, and had a picture of the character on the front. 



The first character cards showed the stock picture of the model, the character's name written in a red font, and the Wooden Railway logo is in the top left corner. The reverse showed a Sir Topham Hatt figure and the model's name in a brown box, with the same red font for the character's description. The following vehicles had cards that were made:


The second generation of character cards was similar to the first, but with the newer Wooden Railway logo used, the model's name in a red box, and the description in a different black text. When a number of vehicles received updated designs, their new appearances were reflected on the cards. Due to the transitional period to the new packaging, the new vehicles for 2000 had cards with their name in the originalred font and the newer logo. The following vehicles had cards that were made:


The third generation of character cards had a new design. The model was shown on track or road in a scenic background, and the reverse side had a blue background with a small circle of the model, usually a close-up, in the bottom right corner. The edges were curved instead of being straight, and the description side was displayed horizontally instead of vertically. They were also made of a more sturdy material than the previous designs.


The fourth (and final) generation of character cards were similar to the previous design, but with the newer Wooden Railway logo displayed, the model's name in a yellow box, and the scenic background replaced with a animated grass background. The few character cards made in 2010 used the updated logo as well. The following cards were made:


  • In most countries outside North America, the character card descriptions were often printed in different languages on the one card.
  • They were thought to have been discontinued in 2010, but in 2011 some packages of Bash, Dash and Ferdinand had their character cards in them. This could possibly be a sign that the discontinuation was a sudden decision.
  • Hiro is missing his tender on his character card. 
  • Some TOMY UK and Canada products have character cards.


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