An assortment of 1992 chassis (top right, bottom right, and left)

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The chassis is the base frame of each vehicle, where the axles and wheels are connected.

Design History


  • When first made, chassis were simple and had staples at the bottom, likely due to the nascence of the brand and its manufacturing practices
  • This type of chassis was phased out during 1994 when the succeeding type came into usage. As a result, some 1994 examples of items used either type


  • The stapled bottoms were removed and replaced with non-stapled bottoms
  • This type of chassis was introduced while the preceding type was retired. As a result, some examples of 1994 often used either type
  • Some models dated 1999 have names in "Western" font.


  • Vehicle names added


  • Names rewritten to a more bolded format.


  • Engines or rolling stock with multiple bogies (with the exceptions of Frieda and Vinnie) refitted with plastic chassis, likely to cut production costs
  • Magnets are directly embedded into the chassis.
  • Single bogie engines, rolling stock, and tenders still use wooden chassis, with a plastic strip placed into the top in order to hold the magnets and secure the model to the base. The magnet housing is now a duller matte plastic, as opposed to the glossy plastic used before.


  • All chassis from this year forward are unpainted, except for certain models which have plastic ones.
  • Multiple-bogie chassis are no longer produced. All characters have the same set length with either four or six wheels. Tender chassis remain the same.
  • Names are now engraved on the chassis in a smaller font.


There are four basic types of chassis:

  • Stapled Bottoms (discontinued)
  • Non-Stapled Bottoms (discontinued)
  • Non-Stapled Bottoms, Names (active only on non-bogie engines)
  • Non-Stapled Plastic Bottoms, Names (active)


Chassis have two different bogie configurations:

  • Without bogies (4-6 wheel vehicles)
  • With bogies (8 wheel vehicles)


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