Coal Car
2013 Coal Car


1999; 2013


2005; Active

The Coal Car is an item currently available in the Oil and Coal Cargo Pack. Two red coal cars were sold in the Coal Station. The coal car is now sold now in a green livery.


  • The red coal car is considered rare.
  • The car has now been employed with a different livery as a coal car in the Deluxe Mountain Quarry set, the Oil and Coal Cargo Pack, and in each incarnation of the Coal Hopper Figure 8 Set.
  • Scrap Cars are also variants of the Coal Car.
  • The Day Out with Thomas item for 2006 was a red coal car with a Day Out With Thomas logo on the side.
  • Much like the red coal car, the Day Out with Thomas coal car was part of the 2005 to 2007 Lead Paint Crisis.
  • The current green coal car has a square hole, but the coal is a triangular prism, and therefore doesn't fit, this is probably to make it easier for young children to get out.


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