Culdee is a mountain engine named after Culdee Fell, the mountain his railway climbs. He has his own coach named Catherine.


  • 1996 (proportions from promotional illustrations)
  • 2005 (larger face, corrected proportions, plastic funnel and sideplates, lighter shade of purple, no back ledge; only in Culdee and the Apple Orchard Cars)
  • 2015 (larger face, smaller rear face, updated details, straight boiler, painted bufferbeam, number on rear, curved edges and longer magnet guards)



  • Culdee was the first character which had only appeared in The Railway Series to be released along with D199. Along with Catherine, they are the only two characters from the Culdee Fell Railway to have been made.
  • The prototype 1996 Culdee features a black funnel, no rear face, white dots in his pupils, and flat magnets.
  • The 1996 Culdee never had a plastic funnel, even after other engines were redesigned with plastic funnels.


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