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Duck (first released as Duck the GWR Pannier Tank Engine) is a green Great Western Engine.


  • 1994 (no funnel, round roof, red outline on "GWR" lettering, flat magnets)
  • 1994 (round magnets and flat roof on each side)
  • 1996
  • 2002 (back ledge removed)
  • 2014 (added funnel, updated paint details, black outline on "GWR" lettering, CGI style face, curvededges and longer magnet guards)



  • The prototype 1994 Duck featured sticker decals, more compact GWR lettering, his number underneath his cab window, a larger, more-rounded cab window, and no cab door detailing.
  • The second prototype 1994 Duck featured partial cab rail detailing.
  • The prototype 2014 Duck featured a green funnel and a less pronounced boiler.