Item Number:

  • LC99188 (2004)
  • Y4075 (2013)
  • FHM44 (2018)
Emily is an emerald green engine. She can be occasionally bossy but does listen to others' ideas.


  • 2004
  • 2011 (CGI style face)
  • 2013 (Updated face, added detail, curved edges and longer magnet guards.)
  • 2017 (redesigned face, slightly redesigned details, smaller middle wheel, more compact tender wheels)
  • 2018 (No paint on chassis and various other spots, smaller face and smokebox, larger funnel, larger cab, flat rectangular tender)



  • Emily's 2004 prototype did not feature her chocolate-colored running boards.
  • The 2009 Yearbook incorrectly describes her as rescuing Oliver and Toad from mud.
  • Emily's 2013 model is seen with and without a red front buffer beam.
  • The 2017 prototype Emily shows her with a 2011 styled face, her running broad is now included on her wheel arch, her "grate"/"fence" on her tender is missing, the one box closest to her face looks more squished and she has an incorrect black roof.
  • The 2018 Emily has her running board printed on unlike her prototype.


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