Flying Scotsman
2013 Flying Scotsman



Item Number:

  • LC99093 (1999-2003)
  • Y6784 (2013-2016)

The Flying Scotsman is Gordon's brother from the Mainland. He has two tenders because, on his railway, coal and water are not as available as they are on Sir Topham Hatt’s Railway.


Learning Curve

  • 1999
  • 2002 (darker paint on tenders) 


  • 2013 (plastic Chassis, updated graphics, external steam pipes, larger face, banjo dome, curved edges and longer magnet guards)
  • 2016 (inner wheel lip added)


  • He is the longest individual character made, being eleven inches with his tenders attached.
  • Flying Scotsman's 1999 model Prototype featured a taller wooden funnel and smoke-box.
  • Flying Scotsman's face is based on a face made by Henry in the last illustration of "Tenders For Henry". Flying Scotsman appears in the same illustration, suggesting that Learning Curve mistook Henry for him and thus designed Flying Scotsman's face based off of this illustration.
  • The first prototype for the 2013 model featured white stripes, whereas the production model has yellow stripes. It is also a darker shade of green.
  • On the back of the 2013 packaging, his tenders are switched around. Curiously, the LNER lettering is still positioned on the tender nearest to the cab and the 4472 number is still on the rear tender.
  • The BR logo on Scotsman's cab reads "Mainland Railway" instead of "British Railways".
  • Flying Scotsman's 2016 re-release (to coincide with his official TV series introduction in The Great Race) is his 2013 model and therefore retains his Railway Series appearance. Therefore, he does not have a CGI face, smoke deflectors, "banjo" dome, double chimney, dark green color, or his number on the side of his cab (instead of the BR logo he had in the Railway Series).
  • Interestingly, Flying Scotsman's 1999 models had their names on the chassis, which was before the official introduction of names being printed on the bottom of models. None of Flying Scotsman's models from 1999-2003 had names printed on the bottom of the tenders, however.


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