Item Number:

  • LC98126 (2011)
  • Y3782 (2013)
  • FHM54 (2018)

Flynn is a fire engine and part of the Sodor Search and Rescue Team.


  • 2011
  • 2013 (updated details, late 2013 models had all black wheels)
  • 2018 (No paint on chassis and various other spots, more square cab, more wooden body, flatter face, flat roof with no water cannons, more wooden trailer with four wheels)



  • He is the fifth fire truck introduced into the line, the others being the fire truck featured with the Sodor Fire Department, the Sodor Fire Crew and the fire truck featured with the Deluxe Fire Department.
  • The 2011-2012 version comes in Day of the Diesels packaging.
  • Flynn's trailer is the only land vehicle to have one pair of wheels.
  • Flynn's late 2013-present model does not have painted wheels.


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