The Giggling Troublesome Trucks are two freight cars. It features a truck covered in a red tarpaulin, which rocks forward and back as its wheels roll. Pushing on the tarp makes the car emit various sounds. The other truck features gravel and rocks side to side as its wheels roll.


  • 2006 (tarpaulin car with laughing noises)
  • 2013 (CG style faces, updated details, tarpaulin car with spoken phrases, curved edges, and longer magnet guards)


The 2013 version of the tarpaulin car says the following phrases:

  • "We'll give em' some nonsense!"
  • "Clickety-clack, don't look back!"
  • "Pull! Push! Backwards! Forwards!"
  • "We like causing confusion and delay!"
  • "Steamies are silly! Steamies are slow!"


  • The tarpaulin car has the same rocking design as Rickety.
  • The faces on the 2013 version are similar to the Take-n-Play trucks. They also have the same sounds as the Take-n-Play trucks.