Gold Mine Mountain Set





Item Number:

LC09986 (2007-2012
Y4479 (2013-Present)

Gold Mine Mountain Set is a Toys 'R' Us exclusive set. The set was first updated in 2011 to include the redesigned Thomas and Salty, and again when it was re-released by Fisher-Price in 2013.


  • Gold Dust Thomas
  • Gold Dust Salty (2007 version)
  • Salty (2013 version)
  • Red Cargo Car with gold cargo
  • Gold Mine Rickety (2007 version)
  • Gold Mine Troublesome Truck (2013 version)
  • Cranky the Crane
  • Gold Mine Mountain
  • Two Gold Dust Pine Trees (2007 version)
  • Stop Sign
  • Men at Work Sign (2013 version)
  • Railroad Crossing Sign (2013 version)
  • Figure 8 of track


  • The Gold Mine Mountain is a repainted Mountain Tunnel.
  • When assembled, no track uses the lowest level of the Gold Mine Mountain tunnel.
  • The prototype 2013 version depicts the 2007 versions of Thomas and Salty, as well as Rickety.
  • Salty has no gold dust in the 2013 version.
  • On the 2013 version, the truck is still labelled as Rickety.


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