Sodor Railroad Handcar



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The Handcar is another piece of rolling stock depicted in the Thomas Wooden Railway range. Handcars are mostly used as a way of maintenance or mining cars, but they are also used for passenger services.



  • The fourth version was planned to be included in the  with a red livery and blue handles, as well as a figure of The Photographer. It was also longer compared to the previous three models. However, for unknown reasons, it was cancelled.


  • Despite Thomas the Tank Engine originating in Britain, the car says "Railroad", an American term, as in "Thomas and the Magic Railroad".
  • The first Prototype Handcar has the number nine (9) written on its side, as well as "Sodor RR" written across its base.
  • Although there was a handcar featured in the TV Series Season 5 episode, Haunted Henry and Seasons 14 and 15, the Thomas Wooden Railway depiction is inaccurate, due to wrong proportions and colors.


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