Item Number:

  • LC99175 (2002-2011)
  • FHM33 (2018)
Harvey is a cheery, big-hearted, and helpful crane engine.


Learning Curve

  • 2002


  • 2018 (No paint on chassis and various other spots, flat black roof, smaller funnel, burgundy crane magnet and wheels)


  • Harvey's first Prototype showed that his magnet was tethered to a string. The final model didn't feature this, as his magnet was connected to the end of his crane arm instead.
  • The second Prototype appears to have a tilted funnel.
  • In the 2010 Yearbook, he was incorrectly listed as a roadway vehicle.
  • Harvey's wheels are black when they should be the colour of his body.
  • Harvey's model does not have a boiler, as it would have interfered with the ability to rotate his crane arm 360 degrees.
  • Both his Prototype and released models have a more darkly colored livery than the livery he is supposed to have.
  • He was not featured in the 2002 or 2004 pamphlets, but was featured in the yearbooks.


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