2003 (UK), 2004 (US), 2013


2011, 2017

Item Number:

LC99197 (2004-2011)
Y4387 (2013-Present)

Jack is a young, friendly, and enthusiastic front loader who works with "The Pack." Pressing down on his cab roof raises his bucket, which can hold cargo pieces via a magnet.


  • 2003 (Round face, cream cab, yellow centre in wheels)
  • 2013 (Square face, white cab, fully black wheels)


  • Jack's Prototype had silver windows, a taller cab, and larger tier rims. The cab's height may have been changed to accommodate bridges. It also seems to be based on the Take-Along model of Jack.
  • Jack is one of the few models to have a tongue painted on.
  • Though Jack had a round body in the TV series until King of the Railway, his Wooden Railway model has been rectangular since it was first introduced.
  • Jack has no front magnet, however his bucket can act as one.


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