This article is about Knapford Station. You may be looking for Knapford Station Platform, Deluxe Knapford Station, or Talking Railway Series Knapford Station Set.
Knapford Train Station





Item Number

  • LC99285 (2011)
  • Y9001 (2013)
  • FKF49 (2018)
Knapford Train Station (previously known until 2018 as Knapford Station) is a destination and the fourth version of the station produced.


  • 2011 (Four lanes of track, Sir Topham Hatt's office with phrases, includes decorated versions of Thomas and Annie and Clarabel, Toys R Us exclusive)
  • 2012 (CGI style faces on Thomas and Annie and Clarabel)
  • 2013 (No office or vehicles, light green, four signal gates with lights and sounds)
  • 2018 (One lane of plastic track, includes green Express Coach, bench, clock piece, passenger figure, chef figure, and two Wooden Railway to Wood track adaptors)


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