Magnet Parts (near bottom left and near bottom right)

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Magnets are what couple Thomas Wooden Railway items together. All trains and rolling stock have at least one, as well as some of the non-rail characters. Most magnets are polar (one sided) making it impossible for engines to go "front to front."


1992-1994 Magnets for the prototypes and for the first three years of production models are flat. Because of this, engines could potentially uncouple prematurely. The 1992/1993 magnets were slightly rounded at the top, but by 1994, they are made almost entirely flat.


Magnets receive a rounder form. Because of this, they don't uncouple as easily.


Magnets retain their round shape, but are made more compact and somewhat stronger.


Magnets are now slightly less dense and are embedded into a plastic strip mounting them to the chassis. This makes them appear smaller when viewed from the side, as compared to previous designs.


  • Mighty Mac is the only model to have bipolar magnets.
  • The round magnets are convex. If you remove them, this can be observed.
  • Some later 2013-2014 models have a ledge above the magnet casing.