Mountaintop Supply Run





Item Number:


Mountaintop Supply Run Set is a set.


  • Thomas
  • Cargo Car
  • Barrel Loader with three barrels
  • Cargo Drop with cargo piece
  • Cargo bin
  • Tidmouth Tunnel support piece
  • Three support pieces
  • Two mountain rock borders
  • Mountaintop Playtable
  • Circuit of track with inner loop


  • This is one of the first sets to include an elevated playtable, the other being the Brendam Bay Shipping Set.
    • Unlike the Brendam Bay Shipping Set, however, the playtable in this set does not have track embedded into it.
  • This set marks the return of the full-sized Barrel Loader since 2008.
  • On the back of the box, James' tender is missing.
  • In the back of the box, James is in his 2002 form.
  • The Cargo Drop is currently exclusive to this set.

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