Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory





Item Number


Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory was a destination. A piece of cargo was inserted into the back, and a red flap was then lowered onto an empty tray. This made the drum of "chocolate" churn, and when the flap was lifted, there would now be chocolate in the tray. Pushing a lever would push the tray into the factory, which would make the chocolate disappear as the cargo was loaded into an included Cargo Car, simulating the chocolate being packaged and shipped. The destination also included a piece of 4 inch straight track.


  • The prototype model included a black Cargo Car, a red drum, and various graphical alterations from the final product.
  • Over time, the liquid that represented the chocolate could evaporate.
  • The name label on the bottom of the blue Cargo Car was in a different font than the normal font used on items.
  • There is a small "Mr. Jolly's Chocolate" Logo stamped into the tray.


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