My Custom Engine is an online and catalog exclusive item in the US which lets customers produce a personalized engine. The engine also comes with a personalized book about them.


There are three types of engine styles to chose from: Friendly Steamie, Helpful Steamie, or Spunky Steamie. They can then be painted (red, blue, green, purple, or silver), given a one or two digit number, decorations, a storybook, and a name up to 14 characters long to be printed underneath and in the book. An optional Really Useful Story Stand can be purchased for the item.


  • A diesel was planned as a fourth engine style, but it got cancelled. It used the same body as Norman.
  • Friendly Steamie uses the same body as Charlie, Helpful Steamie uses a similar body to the first version of Peter Sam, Spunky Steamie uses the same body as Scruff.
  • During the holiday seasons, the engines can have one of three holiday decorations added to them. A holiday-themed version of the Really Useful Story Stand can also be purchased with it.
  • During the year 2015, a celebration decoration could be added on to the engines, and a 70th Anniversary-themed version of the Really Useful Story Stand could be purchased.
  • From mid 2015 onwards, silver was added as a paint choice, additional decorations for seasons of the year, and a Four Seasons themed book.
  • From late 2015 onwards, additional decorations from the Everyday Isle could be added to the engines: plating, bunting, and suds. An engine can have more than one of these decorations added at a time. Illustrations of Sir Topham Hatt in the engine's cab appears on the bunting design, and his position changes on each engine style.
  • Helpful Steamie is the third engine to wear glasses, the first being Sodor Railway Repair and the second being Whiff.
  • On the last and sixth page of the classic storybook, an illustration of James in his Hornby model can be seen on the bridge.
  • In December 2016, blue was removed from the paint choices. It later returned in July 2017.
  • Friendly Steamie was removed from the engine style choices in July 2017.
  • Intentionally, this item was meant to be an US exclusive through the Fisher Price website. However, international customers would be able to complete an order with this item in their shopping cart on occasion. These customers would not receive an order confirmation and the money they paid for the order would be refunded. Strangely, these orders were still sent through production, which initially led to Fisher Price shipping these custom made trains out and charging the customers a second time.