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Oliver is a Great Western Engine who has a brakevan named Toad.


  • 1995 (wooden funnel, flat roof)
  • 1999 (plastic funnel)
  • 2002 (cab ledge removed)
  • 2005 (eyes painted, only available in Smelting Yard)
  • 2006 (updated face, correctly proportioned tanks, green wheels, additional detailing, curved roof, added yellow dome)
  • 2014 (updated face, additional detail added longer magnet guards, curved edges, only available in Oliver's Fossil Freight)
  • 2015 (lip on wheels, only available in Oliver and Oliver)
  • 2017 (smaller face, more wooden boiler, only available in Oliver and Oliver)



  • The prototype 1995 Oliver featured Thomas' face, short tanks and a raised firebox.