The following list of recalls have occurred with products in the Thomas Wooden Railway range.

List of recalls

January 2005-May 2007

A lead paint recall occurred in 2007 where products tested in China revealed that the red and yellow paint used contained lead. Lead, a highly poisonous heavy-metal, posed an acute threat to people using the affected merchandise and necessitated a recall. Over 1.7 million items from stores and consumers were checked for lead, in what became the biggest recall in Learning Curve's history. Consumers who sent in their affected items received a free gift back with their amended items.


January 2005-May 2007 recalled items

September 2007

A similar lead paint recall happened in September 2007. This time, selected products which used black and gray paint were found to contain lead.


  • The Wooden Railway range's creator, Roy Wilson, was appalled by the 2007 recalls. During his seven years working on the range at Learning Curve, Wilson had set up a paint inspection program where random samples of paint were taken every hour, with no reported issues having turned up in that time.

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