The following list of recalls have occurred with products in the Thomas Wooden Railway range.

List of recalls

January 2005-May 2007

A lead paint recall occurred in 2007 where products tested in China revealed that the red and yellow paint used contained lead. Lead, a highly poisonous heavy-metal, posed an acute threat to people using the affected merchandise and necessitated a recall. Over 1.7 million items from stores and consumers produced from January 2005 to May 2007 were checked for lead, in what became the biggest recall in Learning Curve's history. Consumers who sent in their affected items received a free gift back with their amended items.


January 2005-May 2007 recalled items

September 2007

A similar lead paint recall happened in September 2007. This time, selected products which used black and gray paint were found to contain lead.


  • The Wooden Railway range's creator, Roy Wilson, was appalled by the 2007 recalls. During his seven years working on the range at Learning Curve, Wilson had set up a paint inspection program where random samples of paint were taken every hour, with no reported issues having turned up in that time.

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