Retired Friends was a chart on the last page of the yearbooks from 2006-2008. It had a list of retired engines and rolling stock, their years of production, and if they had a reissue model (and if so, its production years of that as well).

Website Edition

Additionally, a Retired Friends section had been present on Learning Curve's website since 2005. The first list originally comprised of all the engines, packs, destinations, and sets that had retired over the years. The list was then changed to focus on vehicles, being the most important part of the Wooden Railway line, where a timeline starting from 1995 to the present day would mark the years on in which particular vehicles were produced during that year. The list received annual updates until 2011, and whilst being fairly accurate, did contain a small number of errors. The list and dates were only relevant for the US line, and some exclusive non-Yearbook items were also included on the list. For some years, the list was only available to registered members on the Learning Curve website, but then became free to access again. After Learning Curve's absorption by TOMY, the list became defunct. It has since been removed from the website.