Rosie is a cheery, bubbly tank engine. She was originally painted lavender, then she was repainted to red.


  • 2007 (lavender livery, blue cab door and windows, smaller front cab windows)
  • 2008 (even cab windows)
  • 2011 (CG style face with blush and lip gloss)
  • 2013 (updated face, longer magnet guards and curved edges, grey cab door and windows, smaller front cab windows, some variants without red front buffer beam, curved edges)
  • 2018 (printed details on exposed wood, red livery, painted domes)



  • The prototype 2007 Rosie had darker blue windows, slightly darker paint, and thicker side tanks.
  • Despite originally having lip gloss and blush in the show, they were not featured until the 2011 Rosie.
  • The prototype 2018 Rosie features lip gloss and blush. The final version lacks this.


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