Sir Handel is a narrow gauge engine who works closely with Peter Sam.


  • 1997 (wooden funnel, dark paint, slender body)
  • 1998 (old-shaped plastic funnel)
  • 1999 (redesigned plastic funnel)
  • 2005 (face painted in, ledge removed, only sold with Ice Cream Factory)
  • 2008 (redesigned face and details, lighter paint, coal bunker, more accurate body)
  • 2012 (CG style face, updated details)


  • The inaccurate slender bodies on the 1997-2006 versions of Sir Handel were the result of being based on various magazine and annual illustrations.
  • Sir Handel did not have a bunker until 2008. Ironically, he also lacked a coal bunker when he was first introduced in the Railway Series.
  • The first 1997 prototype Sir Handel was used in the 1997 pamphlet. The second 1997 prototype Sir Handel was featured in the 1997 yearbook.