Sir Handel
2012 Sir Handel



Item Number:

  • LC99079 (1997)
  • LC99137 (2008)
  • LC98172 (2012)
Sir Handel is a narrow gauge engine who works closely with Peter Sam.


  • 1997 (Dark paint, slender body)
  • 1999 (Plastic funnel)
  • 2005 (Face painted in, ledge removed, only sold with Ice Cream Factory)
  • 2008 (Redesigned face and details, lighter paint, coal bunker, more accurate body)
  • 2012 (CGI-styled face, updated details)


  • Sir Handel's 1997-2006 models were inaccurate as representations of Sir Handel in the TV series, as they had slender bodies. Portions of models from those years bore some resemblance to Sir Handel's depiction in The Railway Series. The newer models had better accuracy to the TV series' portrayal.
  • The picture of the first prototype was featured in the 1997 pamphlet, but the picture of the second prototype was featured in the yearbook.


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