Skarloey is a wise, old narrow gauge engine. He is one of the oldest engines on the Island.


  • 1996 (wooden funnel, smaller face, pinker livery)
  • 1997 (plastic funnel)
  • 1999 (redesigned plastic funnel, larger face, oranger livery)
  • 2011 (darker livery, new details)
  • 2012 (CG style face, additional details)
  • 2013 (curved edges, updated face, less details and longer magnet guards)



  • Skarloey was the first steam engine to receive front windows on his Wooden Railway model.
  • His 1996 prototype had Percy's face, a round roof, and flat magnets.
  • In the 1996 Yearbook, a Prototype Skarloey was seen with James' face.
  • Skarloey was part of the 2005 Lead Paint Recall.
  • Skarloey never had a cab ledge despite being introduced in 1996 when all other engines still had cab ledges.


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