Sodor Bay Tugboat
Sodor Bay Tugboat




The Sodor Bay Tugboat is a tugboat that works at the docks. It is one of few boats sold in the Wooden Railway line.


Learning Curve

  • 1992 (black smokestack)
  • 1994 (red smokestack)


  • There is a stub sticking out on the stern of the boat, much like the stub sticking out on the bow of the Sodor Bay Cargo Ship. It was meant for a rubber band or piece of string to connect the tugboat and the cargo ship.
  • It was also sold in the Percy Takes the Plunge Set and the A Day At The Works Set; in the latter, it remained active until the set got discontinued in 2008.
  • The prototype the word "Boat" was left out, naming it "Sodor Bay Tug"
  • The stub represents a smoke stack, making this a 1920's era tugboat.