Sodor Search and Rescue





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Sodor Search and Rescue is a destination. The top level of the rescue center has a tunnel with sounds that can be activated by pressing buttons on the roof, a green ascending track piece, and a male track to surface ramp. The bottom level has a water refilling station with a hose and two lanes of track, with one going to the side. The destination comes with a Water Tanker which the hose can fit inside, and a "Go, Go Thomas!" DVD sampler only in the United States and Canada versions.


  • The prototype version contained two pieces of ascending track and did not include the Track to Surface Ramp.
  • The building is heavily influenced by Fisher-Price's Take-n-Play version, having the same over and under layout, as well as green ascending track.
  • The "Go Go Thomas!" DVD includes the episodes, Race to the Rescue and James to the Rescue.
  • The DVD is not included in versions outside the US and Canada as it was produced with a Region 1 DVD code.


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