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The Thomas Engine Gift Pack (also known as Thomas' Timeless Journey) is a special limited edition pack released for the 70th anniversary of Thomas and Friends. It includes a Thomas based off the Reverend W. Awdry's original Thomas model and a Thomas with shinier paint and golden wheels, smokebox, and magnets.


  • The prototype Gold Thomas featured a shinier gold finish, which is absent on the final model.
  • Gold Thomas is named "Thomas 2015".
  • Original Thomas is named "Thomas 1942".
  • "Thomas 2015" model has a lighter, thinner type of blue paint, which you can see the natural wood. He also has metallic lining.
  • "Thomas 1942" has a face, the original model made in 1942 lacked one.The face of 1942 Thomas was modelled after 2002 Thomas with different eyebrows.
  • Both the prototype and the model shown on the Website of "Thomas 1942" have a red bufferbeam. The final model lacks this. Another prototype also features an entirely yellow dome.


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