The rules of the Thomas Wooden Railway Wiki are as follows:

  • No violent, pornographic, or disturbing media is allowed here
  • No vandalism
  • No foul or sexual language
  • Absolutely no "bashing" on Thomas & Friends, The Britt Alcroft Company, or HiT Entertainment of any kind is allowed
  • No spam
  • Keep religious and political arguments off the wiki. It is alright to state your religion (or lack thereof) and/or political alignment, but you are forbidden to argue about it.
  • Please do not plagarize. Asking permission to cite and/or one's work is okay, but you must attribute what you are using to the person(s) who originally created or posted it.
  • No administrator impersonation.
  • Usage and/or creation of multiple accounts on this wiki is prohibited without prior administrator approval.
  • All conversations on talk pages must remain and not be erased from the page, but at most strikenthrough unless such exchanges are in violation of other wiki guidelines.
  • After every 100 "Heading 2" messages, talk pages must be archived by an acting wiki administrator.
  • Administrators proposing the enactment or repeal of wiki guidelines must recuse themselves from voting on their own proposals.
  • The deletion of any and all guideline or repeal proposals is prohibited. Failed proposals must be strikenthrough after voting finishes.
  • Adminships will only be granted with the unanimous approval of all acting administrators of the wiki at that time.
  • Hereby: (a) the wiki cannot have fewer than 3 active administrators and 2 active bureacrats (active means they have contributed to the wiki at least once in 3 months) at any time except in the week; (b) replacements for inactive, retired and resigned administrators be found no longer than one week after the incumbent administrator has left their post and only in that time may the wiki have fewer than the aforementioned number of administators and bureacrats; and (c) that all bureacrats step down and remove and transfer (if necessary to fulfill subsection a) their powers at the end of their tenure.
  • Freedom of Information Act requests may be submitted to an acting administrator in regards to wiki records, logs or information connected with its pages and/or its users.
  • All general rules shall be followed in Wikia chat, however, private chat messages are not subject to the restrictions of the general rules.
  • Fanfiction is not allowed on content pages. However, such works may be entered in user blog posts, so long as they are of 250 or fewer words.
  • Sales and advertisement for sales cannot be made in any place except user pages and user talk pages.
  • IP users are not entitled to any warnings regarding infractions and blocks and may not be forewarned in any way prior to the assignment of a block for any violation. IP users may be blocked immediately should it be apparent their edits were deliberate and/or malicious.
  • Any user found guilty of (a) violation(s) including: ((1) a repeated history of vandalism; (2) abuse of multiple accounts; or (3) attempted deceit of an administrator) may not hold any Wiki regulatory position (the ranks of: rollback; chat moderator; administrator; bureaucrat) and is disqualified from consideration for any such post on the bases of these violations.

Proposals for changes or additions to this list can be made here.

Please follow these rules. If you fail to, the result may end up in a ban from the wiki, which can last up to one day to one year. We do not intend to be overly strict. So long as there are no further infractions while blocked by a blocked user, they may access their talk pages to appeal the block.

Other Concerns

  • If you find a page that you believe is not important; has nothing to with the Wooden Railway line; or is just redundant: edit the page, add the delete template to the page and write in the edit summary 'Administrator Review Please". Administrators will review the page and determine the page's future.

Acting Administrators



Contact the active acting administrators if you need to talk with the wiki administration for any reason.

If you do not receive a response within a week from any of the acting administrators, try contacting any inactive administrators.

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