Thomas and Belle to the Rescue Set





The Thomas and Belle to the Rescue Set is a set based on the film, Day of the Diesels, in which Belle helps Thomas put out a fire at an old farm house.



  • The actual product is a figure 8 layout, whereas the prototype is a completely different track layout.
  • The shape and design of the Arched Stone Bridge in the final product bears a slight resemblance to Henry's Tunnel in the Television Series.
  • Combining this set and the Percy at the Dieselworks Set allows for the expanded Day of the Diesels set.
  • The updated prototype features a blue water tanker, but the real product has a Sodor Search and Rescue Center Water Tanker, which is silver with the Sodor Search and Rescue Center Logo, which is something absent from the prototype.
  • When sold in the United Kingdom, this set was missing the Water Tower and the bridge's middle section.


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