Tidmouth Station


2003 (in sets); 2014 (individually)


2005; 2017

Item Number:


Tidmouth Station is a destination. Two differently-designed versions were released exclusive to two sets. A new version was then released separately in 2014. The 2014 edition has a lever that, when pushed, makes a baggage handler emerge from the station and load baggage cargo into a waiting car.



  • The 60th Anniversary Set version uses the same base model as Elsbridge Station, but with different detailing and without the chimney.
  • Despite being called Tidmouth Station, the 2014 edition is actually Tidmouth Hault.
  • Illustrations of Sir Topham Hatt and Sir Robert Norramby can be seen on the 2014 edition of the destination.
  • The prototype for the 2014 version depicts the canopy as covering the entirety of the platform and a different looking workmen that loads the cargo.


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