Item Number

  • LC99150 (2000-2009)
  • DVL64 (2017)

Trevor is a traction engine belonging to the Vicar that works on an orchard.


Learning Curve

  • 2000 (Black wheels, smaller face, yellow highlights, yellow funnel top)


  • 2017 (Red wheels, larger face, stockier body, dark red highlights, bronze funnel top)


  • Trevor's Prototype shows him with a smooth flywheel, whereas his actual model has a gear-shaped-flywheel, which his back wheel spins when he moves. 
  • Trevor's original model had black wheels like he did in early Railway Series illustrations, whilst the 2017 Trevor has red wheels.  
  • Trevor is one of the only road vehicles with a front magnet, the other being the street sweeper from the Sodor Road Crew.
  • Trevor is the first model to have a flywheel, the second being George, and the third being Fergus.


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