Troublesome Brakevan
Late 1996 Troublesome Brakevan





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The Troublesome Brakevan is a generic goods van and companion piece to the Troublesome Truck.


Learning Curve

  • 1992-1993 (brown roof, flat magnets, staples, undated wheels)
  • 1994 (beveled magnets, no staples, 1994 wheels)
  • late 1994-1995 (black roof, 1994 wheels)
  • 1996 (gained smaller round magnets, 1996 wheels)
  • late 1996 (gained larger round magnets and different plastic for the magnet guards)


  • The Troublesome Brakevan is in fact not a brakevan at all. It is based on the freight van from the television series.
  • In Germany, it is called the Güterwagen, which translates as "freight van."
  • The Troublesome Brakevan has a stamped-on face, much like the rare white-faced version of the Troublesome Truck.
  • In the 1994 Yearbook, the Troublesome Brakevan was misspelled as Troublesome Breakvan.
  • According to Roy Wilson, the coveting of the Troublesome Brakevan in recent times was not apparent whilst it was in production. The vehicle did not sell well with consumers and was not terribly popular with other design personnel either.


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