Yearbooks were an annual published version of the pamphlets available for free in most shops that stocked the Thomas Wooden Railway range. Whilst a booklet similar a yearbook was first published in 1993, the first official volume of the yearbook was published in 1995. There had been eighteen volumes of the yearbook published by Learning Curve up until 2011. Due to Tomy's purchase of the range, and the plan to again sell it to Fisher-Price, a 2012 yearbook was not published. In 2013, the yearbook resumed publication after Fisher-Price began production of the line. They were discontinued again in 2017.


  • The 1998 yearbook contained the last reference to Shining Time Station.
  • The cover for the 2000 yearbook didn't feature any Wooden Railway products, but a picture of Thomas' television series model to promote the Thomas and the Magic Railroad movie instead. This is the only yearbook to do so.
  • The 2004 yearbook had a small picture of Thomas in the corner of every page that played an animation of him moving forward when the pages were flipped rapidly.
  • The 2010 yearbook incorrectly listed Harvey as a roadway vehicle.
  • On the 2013 yearbook cover, James is missing his tender, and Harold has his original model.
  • Roll and Whistle Edward is not listed in the 2015 yearbook.
  • Madge's Take-Along model was used in the 2008 yearbook.
  • On the My Custom Engine page of the 2015 yearbook, the Helpful Steamie and the Spunky Steamie have their names swapped.


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